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What is a domain name?


Now that we know what we are talking about — what are we talking about?

Wikipedia provides a helpfully specific, but somewhat opaque definition:

A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority or control within the Internet


What are DNS records?


DNS is the Domain Name System. It is a fairly complicated system, distributed across hundreds of servers worldwide and comprising several layers of interconnected technology.

Primarily, DNS is responsible for translating human-readable domain names into computer-usableIP Addresses. It is, in essence, a giant directory connecting names with numbers — the internet’s phone book.

The addresses associated with a single domain are called DNS records. They specify where to send requests associated with that domain.

Where are these records kept? They are stored on your domain’s Name Server.


What makes a good domain name?


There are no rules with domain names — only general guidelines. And these are highly dependent on what you are trying to accomplish.

Generally speaking, domain names should be: – As short as possible. – Easy to spell. – Easy to remember. – Keyword specific or well-branded. – Avoid any punctuation other than hyphens. – End in either .com or .org

Branding and Keywords

From an SEO standpoint, it would be ideal for your brand name and your primary keywords to be the same. For example, if you are a window cleaning company in Quincy, the ideal situation would be for your company name to be “Quincy Window Cleaning” and your domain name to bequincywindowcleaning.com.


What is hosting?


In our context, “hosting” refers to providing the hardware and software platform on top of which customers can deploy web sites and web-based applications.

What are different types of hosting?


There are several general categories of web hosting:


    • Shared Hostingis the most common. This involves many customers sharing a single machine.
    • VPS, or Virtual PRviate Server, is also very common. With VPS hosting, each customer has their own virtual machine. Several virtual machines are usually run on top of a cluster of hardware.
    • Dedicated server hosting, which is relatively rare outside of the Enterprise software world, involves the customer having complete use of an actual server, which is essentially rented from the hosting company.
    • Colocation hosting is not exactly web hosting, so much as facilities rental. With “colo” hosting, the customer provides their own server equipment, and the hosting company rents space in a datya center, providing access to power and network connectivity.
    • Cloud Hosting is a type of VPS hosting plan in which the Virtual Machines are running on large pools of computing power — dozens or hundreds of machines networked together into a “cloud.” This is also sometimes called “scalable VPS” hosting, and is a fast growing sector of the hosting business.

Is WordPress a framework?


Not really. WordPress is a content management system.

WordPress can be used as a development framework, but it doesn’t really fit the generally-accepted definition of a framework, because it is too specific.

A framework is usually thought of as a generic app template, with few — if any — application-specific features. WordPress, on the other hand, is already a full-fledged CMS application.

However, it can be used as if it were a development framework, building new features as plugins. This can be a useful approach for applications that have a strong “content orientation” — such as (for example) project management or social networking applications.

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